AMC gift card balance

AMC gift card balance

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AMC gift card balance – Terms and Conditions

Gift Cards can be used as payment for purchases made at company owned AMC stores in the United States and others countries. Gift Cards may not be used in department store locations.

Regardless of where redeemed, the value of your gift card will be based on the currency of the location where it was purchased and the exchange rate on the day of redemption. AMC gift card balance may be redeemed for merchandise or services and cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash, except as required by law. Gift Cards cannot be used to pay a credit account. Gift Cards have no expiration date or service fees. For balance inquiries or to report a lost or stolen gift card, call to us.

AMC gift card balance – Check the Balance

You can check the balance on your AMC gift card balance online simply by entering your card number and PIN into the fields under the – Check Your Card Balance – box on our Gift Card home page. Or you can check the balance on your card at any of our stores — at checkout or at the customer service desk.

Can a gift card be used more than once?

Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.

AMC gift card balance – Do gift cards expire?

No. Neither virtual nor physical gift cards expire. From time to time, we may issue or award rewards, promotional gift cards, credits, vouchers, or similar physical or virtual cards. Generally, these promotional cards have the same terms and conditions as any other gift card, however, they may have expiration dates, delayed activation dates or may be subject to additional restrictions or exemptions as stated on the promotion cards themselves or any packaging or other written materials that accompany the promotional cards.

AMC gift card balance – Can I sell my gift cards?

Yes, you can. You can buy AMC gift card balance from the Store. Learn more about selling physical gift cards in our site.

AMC gift card balance – How are gift cards delivered?

For shipments that contain Gift Cards and other items: shipping and handling charges will be calculated based upon the total amount of the merchandise purchased. AMC gift card balance amounts are not included in the calculation of shipping and handling charges.